Jest Fest 2018 Lineup

Complete 2018 Lineup: 

The World Famous Flying Wallendas

Daring Feats On The High Wire
Without A Net!


Broadway & Film Star Avner the Eccentric

Played the Jewel in the film Jewel of the Nile


Silent Clown Arsene from Paris

Studied with the legendary mime,
Marcel Marceau!!

Squawk! the Amazing Bird Show

Noted appearances: Las Vegas, Letterman, America’s Got Talent & Animal Planet

Johnny Peers & The Muttville Comix

Veteran Circus Star, Comedy Dog Show

The Gestures
Josh Lederman, George O’Brien & Griffin Wulf



Fiddler Don Austin

Kate Osbron

Magic Wand

Photo: Suzanna Mars

Showtune Shenanigans

Popular show tunes by John Lowe & Will Winter

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